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Kids Club.  Where kids have fun and become confident, supported by our caring and committed team.

The aims of Barton Kids Club are:

  • To provide the necessary facilities for daily care, recreation and education of children during out of school hours

  • To provide a service to meet a community need

  • To advance and raise the quality of persons in the provision of such care through training and education

The club, situated within the grounds of Ramsey Manor Lower School, provides safe play areas, raises awareness about the environment and offers opportunities for children to play, learn, socialise and be creative. 

Activities are always varied and tailored to what the children would like to participate in - so they will always be entertained. The club offers a wide range of activities including extensive arts and crafts, educational learning such as puzzles, construction toys and board games. We also supply an comprehensive range of reading books. The children have access to outdoor equipment such as scooters and bikes and use these in a safe, secure purpose built garden.  They also have a play house, a climbing frame, a trampoline, and a selection

of activity apparatus including open-ended loose parts play.

Staff at Barton-Kids Club encourage experiential learning opportunities using different environments and resources to promote your child’s imagination and natural exploration. We provide safe environments in which children can explore equipment available to them and enable them to participate in risky play. This is an important aspect of development that supports children with learning how to keep themselves safe. Activities may include, for example, balancing or climbing on equipment. Children learn what it means to take a risk, perhaps with an occasional bump or scrape, but in turn your child will acquire essential courage, judgement skills and coping mechanisms to equip them in their future development.


Barton Kids Club staff support exploration in a supervised and controlled way, explaining dangers of what might happen in certain situations and always steering children away from unacceptable risk. Our procedures and staff training are designed to promote a safe ‘can do’ approach, not to create a cotton wool environment, thus providing your child a variety of different experiential learning activities.


Sometimes the children end up a little muddy. At Kids Club we don’t want to stop the children playing but understand that washing uniforms can be difficult during the week especially when it is cold and rainy. Parents may send some play clothes in with their children if they so wish.

If you would like your child to complete homework tasks during Kids Club, we can offer a quiet area to facilitate this, and will happily discuss individual needs.

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